Monday, November 21, 2011

Most of the difference between plasma led lcd

It is very difficult to complex  to answer that what is plasma led lcd difference . But I trying to solve this problem .In the market  flat Panel tvs  have been around for quite a while, but consumers can still be baffled by the choices offered by the various different types of technologies. It may all look pretty similar, but they're very different ways of providing the image quality . For knowing how they work can help you make the right choice of tv to suit you and your household.

About LCD

LCD TVs use Liquid Crystal Display technology. This is a type of crystal like glass which is composed of two layers to transmit or block light, creating images. LCD screens, unlike other types, don't light up, requiring backlighting for their images to be visible. They also do not emit radiation for that reason. LCD TVs run cooler than other types, and use less power.

About LED

The confusingly named LED/LCD TVs are in fact a form of LCD TV, using LED lights for backlighting rather than fluorescent lighting. These TVs are to all intents LCD TVs.

About Plasma :

Plasma TVs operate very much like a fluorescent lights. To produce images they use a gas mixture (usually xenon/neon) which is electrically charged to produce color pixels. Each pixel has three possible colors, red green or blue. Plasma TVs were the first flat screen TVs on the market, replacing the old cathode ray TVs and eliminating the need for the picture tube.
Advanced and disadvanced of Each Technology .

Plasma's Advanced are:

Biggest possible screen sizes,
Best colour accuracy,
Better contrast ratio
Better able to render blacks

Plasma's disadvanced:

Can be significantly more expensive than other types of TV.
Heavier relative to size.
Shorter product life.
More delicate when shipping
Generates more heat than LCDs.

LCD's Advanced :

Generate less heat,
Very less weight relative to screen size
Increased image brightness compared to plasma
Can be much cheaper than other
Easier to ship
Easier to service in some cases compared to plasma
LCD's disadvanced :
Less contrast than plasma,
Less capable at tracking motion
Fewer large screen sizes.

LED's Advanced :

Best power consumption (due to LED backlighting)
Better colour saturation,
Better black color levels than other LCDs
Thinner screens

LED's Disadvanced :

More expensive than either Plasma or LCD television
Less range of products, being newer on the market
This is also a basic truth of the market to consider that  not all TVs are equal, and performance is a primary consideration.

Now I want to say that decision is yours “plasma led lcd difference”.